The most important thing for the success of any business is the trust and satisfaction of the customers. Al-Riaz Electric Industry achieved the trust of the customers by maintaining highest quality in all the products. We are always looking for the latest technology, machines and highly qualified engineers and highly skilled labor to keep the our standard high. This is one of the reasons that we are producing noiseless and long lasting products since beginning.

Al-Riaz Electric Industry is one of the leading companies in Pakistan, manufacturing high quality electric fans and home appliances. We are providing quality products throughout Pakistan since 1957. Started at a very small scale back in 1957, Al-Riaz Electric Industry has now become one of the biggest companies in Pakistani market. The thing that we have not compromised since beginning is the quality, that we are providing in all of our products, including ceiling fans, pedestal fans, exhaust fans, bracket fans, electric irons, electric skimming machine and introducing many others in near future.